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Maa Baglamukhi Temple, Nalkheda, Ujjain

Ma Baglamukhi Temple, located in Ujjain, India, is considered one of the four major Baglamukhi temples in the country.

Every day, thousands of devotees visit to seek blessings from the deity Baglamukhi.

The significance of this temple extends beyond being a prominent religious site in Ujjain; it holds special mention in Indian religious literature.

According to beliefs associated with the temple, visiting it grants devotees liberation from negative energies and protection from malevolent planetary influences.

Moreover, from a spiritual perspective, the temple’s contribution is significant as it upholds traditional worship practices and enables individuals to enrich their lives through spiritual advancement.


Our Testimonials

Embarking on online pujas through Ditya Seva was not just convenient but a genuinely divine experience.

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar

Delhi, NCT

Ditya Seva has been a blessing, providing a platform for hassle-free rituals. Their commitment to spiritual services is truly commendable.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

Jaipur, Rajasthan.

In my spiritual journey, Ditya Seva stands out. I highly recommend their platform for anyone seeking authentic and meaningful spiritual services.

Aman Verma

Aman Verma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Reliability and convenience define Ditya Seva. My heartfelt thanks to them for making spiritual practices accessible and hassle-free.

Radha Tiwari

Radha Tiwari

Kolkata, West Bengal.
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