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Special Midnight Havan


Experience the mystical ambiance of the Special Midnight Havan – Puja at Ma Baglamukhi Temple, where devotees gather for a unique ceremony held at midnight.

During this sacred ritual, prayers are offered to the revered goddess Baglamukhi, believed to bring additional blessings when invoked at this special hour.

Participants join together to seek divine guidance and protection, fostering a deep spiritual connection with the goddess.

Embrace the spiritual energy of this midnight ceremony and invite the blessings of Ma Baglamukhi into your life.

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Unique Ceremony at Midnight

At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, we have a special ceremony that happens at midnight. It’s called the Midnight Havan – Puja.

Offering Prayers at Midnight

During this ceremony, we offer prayers to the goddess Baglamukhi. It’s believed that praying to her at midnight brings extra blessings.

Participating in the Ceremony

You can join in this ceremony along with other devotees. Together, we pray for protection and blessings from the goddess.

Seeking Divine Guidance

By taking part in the Midnight Havan – Puja, we ask for the guidance and support of the goddess in our lives.

Embracing Spiritual Connection

Experience the spiritual energy of this special ceremony as we come together to seek the blessings of Ma Baglamukhi at midnight.

Join us for the Special Midnight Havan – Puja at Ma Baglamukhi Temple and connect with the divine in a unique and meaningful way.


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