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Select a pooja from the “Online Pooja” page, share your details, pay the service fee, and experience the ritual conducted by our pandits, receiving a video and prasad at your doorstep.


When you tell us about your pooja and pay the service fee, our respected pandits will perform the rituals at the right time. You’ll receive a video showing the entire process, and we’ll deliver prasad to your doorstep.

Gotra, in Hinduism, signifies one’s patrilineal lineage or clan passed down from ancestors. It plays a role in marriage traditions, with unions within the same gotra often discouraged due to perceived blood relations.




Nakshatra, in Hindu astrology, refers to lunar mansions or constellations. The Moon’s path is divided into 27 or 28 segments, influencing personality traits based on one’s birth Nakshatra. It plays a vital role in Vedic astrology, determining characteristics and destiny.

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