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Santan Prapti Puja


It’s a special ceremony for couples who want to have a baby.

During the ceremony, prayers are said to Goddess Baglamukhi, who helps people become parents.

Participants join in special activities guided by priests to ask for the goddess’s help.

Together, they pray for success in starting a family.

This ceremony offers hope to couples dreaming of parenthood.

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Special Ceremony for Couples:

At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, we understand how much you want to have a baby.

That’s why we have a special ceremony just for couples who are hoping to become parents.

Asking for Blessings from Goddess Baglamukhi:

During the ceremony, we pray to Goddess Baglamukhi.

She’s known for helping people become parents.

We believe her blessings can make your dream of having a baby come true.

Joining in Sacred Activities:

You’ll take part in special activities that help bring good energy and ask for the help of the goddess.

Our priests will guide you through everything.

Praying for Help to Have a Baby:

Together with other people, you’ll pray for the goddess’s help.

We believe that with faith and prayer, you can increase your chances of having a baby.

Starting the Journey to Parenthood:

Feel the happiness of becoming a parent as you take part in this special ceremony.

Trust that with the goddess’s blessings, your dream of having a baby can come true.

Book your spot for this special ceremony at Ma Baglamukhi Temple and start your journey to becoming parents with hope and belief.


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