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Vivah Badha / Marriage Obstacle


At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, a special puja known as the Vivah Badha or Marriage Obstacle Puja is conducted to assist individuals in overcoming challenges hindering their path to marriage.

This puja is dedicated to seeking blessings from Goddess Baglamukhi, revered for her ability to remove obstacles and ensure successful marriages.

Participants engage in sacred rituals guided by experienced priests, praying fervently for the goddess’s intervention to eliminate barriers and pave the way for a blissful marital union.

Through faith and devotion, attendees embark on their journey towards marriage with renewed hope and confidence, trusting in the divine assistance of Goddess Baglamukhi.

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Special Puja for Removing Marriage Problems

At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, we understand the challenges you might face in getting married. That’s why we have a special puja to help you overcome these obstacles and find happiness in marriage.

Seeking Help from Goddess Baglamukhi

During the puja, we pray to Goddess Baglamukhi to remove any hurdles standing in the way of your marriage. She is known for her power to eliminate obstacles and bring blessings to marriages.

Participating in Sacred Rituals

You’ll take part in rituals that are meant to bring positive energy and ask for the goddess’s assistance. Our priests will guide you through each step of the puja.

Praying for a Happy Marriage

Together with others, you’ll pray for the goddess’s help in removing obstacles and ensuring a happy and successful marriage. We believe that with faith and devotion, you can overcome any challenges in your path to marriage.

Beginning Your Journey to Marriage

Feel hopeful as you take part in this special puja, knowing that the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi can help you overcome any obstacles in your path to marriage.

Book your spot for the Vivah Badha / Marriage Obstacle Puja at Ma Baglamukhi Temple and start your journey to a happy and fulfilling marriage with confidence and belief.


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