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Tantrik Vidhi Hawan For Enemies Removal


At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, the Tantrik Vidhi Hawan Puja offers a unique opportunity to rid oneself of enemies and negative influences.

Through special rituals and prayers, participants seek protection from harm and find solace in the purifying fire of the hawan.

Guided by experienced priests, devotees unite in their quest for safety and peace of mind, trusting in the power of the puja to shield them from adversities.

Joining this ceremony provides a sense of security and relief, knowing that one is safeguarded from the threats posed by adversaries.

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Special Ceremony to Remove Enemies

At Ma Baglamukhi Temple, we have a special ceremony to help you get rid of your enemies. It’s called Tantrik Vidhi Hawan Puja.

How It Works

During the puja, we perform special rituals and prayers to ask for protection from enemies. The fire in the hawan acts like a shield, removing negative energy and keeping you safe.

Joining the Ceremony

You can join the puja and take part in the rituals. Our priests will guide you through everything.

Seeking Protection from Harm

Together with others, you’ll ask for the goddess’s protection from any harm your enemies might cause. With faith and belief, you can feel safer and more secure.

Finding Peace and Safety

Feel the peace and safety that comes from knowing you’re protected from your enemies. Trust in the power of the puja to keep you safe.

Book your spot for the Tantrik Vidhi Hawan Puja at Ma Baglamukhi Temple and find peace of mind knowing you’re protected from harm.


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